I don’t know about you…but this is outside of my comfort zone.

Of course, the selfie part isn’t for me (but it may be for you and that is totally welcome) but the smiling part is.

I mean, I love to smile. I like to walk the world with a big welcoming smile on my face, to greet people with a grin and to welcome the radiant smiles that they send back to me.

In fact, in my path to feel less invisible and more connected in my daily life, smiling has been at the core.

What about you? How do you feel about your smile outside of photos? How do you feel about seeing your smile in photos?

But as I mentioned in the first post introducing this experiment, when I look back at the last 8 years of taking self-portraits especially the past few years of really trying to not hide my smiles in the world…I don’t see that story told there at all in my photos.

Yet there is another one told there. One of a woman learning to see herself with kindness through her camera and that story includes finding a way to smile that in photos that doesn’t invite in my inner critics. One of a woman who found her smile comfort zone and has been really happy there!

As I’ve been teaching Be Your Own Beloved and other self-portrait classes over the past 4 years I’ve noticed that often we go through a cycle much like I have been with my smile.

When we are entering taking selfies and seeing ourselves with kindness through our cameras, everything is really vulnerable at first.  Our inner critics may rise up and try to stop us. So we seek out comfort zones, ways to take our photos that we feel good about, angles we like, ways of shooting or processing our photos that feel good to us.  This rocks.  We are allowed to create comfort zones for ourselves and every one of us have them.

Then after we’ve happily been hanging out in our comfort zone for a while, things outside of that comfort zone ask to be heard. That’s really were this whole project has come from for me and I’m excited that you are here and wanting to explore your comfort zone (be it creating one or breaking out of it) around smiling in photos!

A few questions for you: 

What is the story of your smile that you normally choose to tell in your photos?  

What do you think your comfort zones might be?


Let’s chat for a second about what our goal this week might be? 

While my goal is really to try to see my authentic smile with kindness and let a little more ‘me’ into the photo, to be less composed…your goal might be to find a way to smile (be it posed or unposed). There is no right or wrong goal to have this week.

This is an experiment too…so you don’t have to have a goal at all! It might just be to see what happens!

So how do we begin this journey to make peace with our smile?

Since we’ve chatted a bit about what our smile comfort zone might be…now break out of it! I promise this will be fun!

Here’s your first selfie smile experiment!!


Let’s get outside of our comfort zone! Here’s your task! Take a whole bunch of smile selfies, one after another! Go for it…try all the possible smiles you could do on for size.  Get silly. Let your awkwardness or fear out.  Try not to let your inner critic get in the way!

Here are a few examples of getting out of how I’ve gotten silly with this activity (you know…just in case you were worried about making a fool of yourself…I thought I’d make it easy for you and do it first)!


Part of the reason I want to start with breaking out of our comfort zone is well…because this process of making peace with our bodies can be playful, especially with our smiles.  Now, after you’ve gotten silly, keep taking a few more smile shots as I have a feeling that’s when we might see our most relaxed & authentic smile too.

Alright, time to give it a try! Grab your camera or phone and go for it! Take at least a dozen photos if not more!

The more photos we take in this process the more likely we are to see that one photo that has us say “Oh my, that is a smile of mine I’ve never seen captured in a photo before”.

Then share your smile with us!

You might choose to share your favourite of the bunch of your photos you take today. Or you might want to share a collection of them! These mosaics of photos are just taken by taking a screenshot of my ‘Photo Stream’ on my camera, but you can also use an app like Party Party to make a mosaic or you can also make it into a GIF out of them too!

One of the powerful things about the Be Your Own Beloved class is that we take it in community (as opposed to a self-paced class) and we can support and encourage one another.  Which of course we can do this week too.

Share your favourite smile shot using the #beyourownbeloved hashtag on Instagram and we can cheer one another on too. I’ll be eagerly awaiting your smile photo to cheer you on (and if you haven’t already, you can also list your blog or instagram link below too so we can come find you)!  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments here!

Okay, let’s get smiling!

If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it.

-Andy Rooney


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Over the past year I’ve been sharing a series of posts all about ‘Making Peace’ with my body through taking selfies.

You can check out few of the Making Peace posts here: Making Peace with My Belly, Making Peace with My Body in a Bikini.  It’s been a personal project of mine outside of teaching this work through the Be Your Own Beloved classes, as I teach this work because I’m living it too and while I’ve already made peace with my negative self-image in ways I couldn’t even have imaged years ago, there is still some parts of me where healing still awaits.

I find that as soon as I have made progress with making peace with one part of my body, another one pipes up asking to be heard.

This time the part of me saying “I’m tired of being critiqued” is…my smile.

How do you feel about your smile?

Do any of you have a similar relationship with your smile?

If you take a peek at my Instagram feed you’ll see most of my photos including my face have a closed mouth smile.  That has been my comfort zone for a long time.

It isn’t my most vulnerable place of self-critique (that still is my belly for me) but there are a number of things about my smile that has had me keeping it closed in photos, knowing the one way to position my mouth in order to like a photo of myself.

And there is nothing wrong with that.  At all.  It has truly been one of the keys that helped me start to see myself with kindness through my camera. We get to learn our favourite angles, our way of holding the camera and how to take the most ‘flattering’ selfie we can (which I prefer to think of as ‘seeing ourselves with love’), and for the last 8 years this has been the way that I close my lips to smile.

But looking back on both Instagram and my Flickr Stream I’m really struck at how about 90% of the images with my face in it have that posed smile.

But in life, of course, that isn’t the case and that isn’t my real smile.

My unposed, authentic smile hasn’t been something I could see with kindness in photos.

Sometimes because of how I critiqued myself physically (how my jaw is crooked, how my teeth are coffee stained, how my lips are small and sometimes how I saw more of a double chin when I’d smile). Yet if I really tell you the truth, sometimes it was that when I smile I let out the ‘Real Vivienne’, the unposed, quirky, silly me and how sometimes that just feels too darn vulnerable.  With a closed mouth smile I could see myself as beautiful but without it I just had so many more old stories of enoughness and vulnerability come up.

So I found my happy place, that smile that I could use in photos and like them.

The thing is, for me…smiling is the best.  I feel most me in my body with a big grin on my face.  It lights up every cell in me.  I feel most me when I’m laughing or having a big grin on my face and I don’t tend to hold that back in connecting with people the way I do when I take a self-portrait.

I want to start telling that story in my self-portraits too and in a way, stop holding back my own light by only allowing myself to use that one posed smile.

It’s time to break out of that comfort zone and for the last couple weeks I’ve been actively experimenting with making peace with my smile. It hasn’t been as painful as I feared and I’m already seeing big shifts happening in the way I see my smile.

I’ve been trying a handful of different activities to make peace with my smile and it got me wondering how many of you out there might want to make peace with your smile too.  We may not have the same reasons why we feel critical about our smile, but it’s my hope that maybe we could rock this experiment together?

Want to join me?

Here’s how it is going to work:

  • Next Monday through Friday I’ll be sharing a post about ‘Making Peace with My Smile’ on the Be Your Own Beloved blog.  I will (of course) include a selfie activity for you to try. As well, I’ll be including a question that might spark a blog prompt for you to combine with your selfie!
  • You can blog along with the prompts on your own site. Or you could share your smile selfie of the day with us on Instagram in the #beyourownbeloved community.  Or you could keep your photo to yourself and honour it as a personal journey of making peace with your smile.
  • It’s kind of like a free mini class! But with no expectations.  I’ll be sharing it over 5 days but you could take it slower if you’d like and try one per week for the next 5 weeks or start with the first one and know that there are other activities awaiting you when you feel ready for them.
  • I’m also consciously calling this an experiment because I hope that for all of us it will be something we can approach with curiosity. We aren’t expecting ourselves to love our smile in only 5 days, but I have a feeling if we open heartedly experiment with making peace with it, shifts will happen (I’m always amazed at how much things start to shift for people in Be Your Own Beloved within the first few days).

That’s it!

I want to start spilling these prompts with you today but I’m gonna make myself wait for Monday!

If you are all good with your smile….rock on! I hope lots of you are groovy with your smile and haven’t been seeing it with critique all this time. You still may have fun with these activities anyways and perhaps a future ‘Making Peace’ post will help you get outside whatever your comfort zone may be.  But I also have had a lot of conversations with women over the years about how we feel about our smiles and I thought this might be a worthwhile one to share with you and invite you along for.

I also wanted to this with those of you who might have been wanting to join Be Your Own Beloved but feel a bit scared to jump in, in mind.  I hope this will give you a glimpse into the kinds of activities we do in the class. As well I have those of you who are Be Your Own Beloved Alumni of the class in mind and I thought this might be a fun activity to respark your journey or give you a new exploration to try!

If you think you might take part, I’d be honoured if you’d leave a comment and say Hi! I’m not doing this to collect email addresses or get your info in any way…I just wanted to invite you to join me as I journey through this myself but it would indeed be rad to know who is joining in for the experiment!

If you are going to blog along or share on Instagram or you can add your blog address to the link list below so I (and your fellow peace makers) can come find you!

Let’s make Peace with our Smiles!

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  • Donna Lange

    Hi Vivienne, I met you at Lucky Star Art Camp, we shared the same room! It was so good to meet you and I’ve been itching to try your classes so this “experiment” is perfect. I will be joining in but don’t use instagram (maybe that is something you will change in me) and don’t want to post on my blog just yet so I’ll do the exercises and hopefully grow to like my smile!ReplyCancel

  • Danielle Gauld
  • I love this!! Can’t wait to participate.ReplyCancel

  • This is awesome, Vivienne! I remember commenting on how I felt self-conscious about my teeth in Be Your Own Beloved several months back (on the day we were encouraged to be brave)… Excited to see what this experiment has in store!ReplyCancel

  • Susan McDonald

    Sounds like fun. Count me in.ReplyCancel

  • Susan McDonald

    Sounds like fun. Count me in. I probably won’t post on Instagram. It’s kind of a personal thing.ReplyCancel

  • Chris Butterworth

    Thanks for trying this!ReplyCancel

  • Sounds like fun. Look forward to it!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel

    Okaaay! Let’s try it.ReplyCancel

  • […] Making Peace With My Smile – Vivienne McMaster. What a wonderful opportunity to join Vivienne and take some selfies! I’m not all that fond of my smile…not necessarily because of how my smile looks but because what it does to the rest of my face…so this will be a great opportunity. Interested? Join in! […]ReplyCancel

  • I will blog along! Thanks for offering this, Vivienne! You are a blessing in my life.ReplyCancel

  • So excited for this new challenge!!ReplyCancel

  • I can’t wait!ReplyCancel

  • I love this idea! Feeling equal measures anxious and excited, which for me usually means an opportunity for expansion and growth. If I’m brave, I’ll be sharing on Instagram. If I’m really brave, I’ll be sharing on my blog.ReplyCancel

  • Cina

    So doing this. I have crooked teeth and a majority of the time take a picture at a distance so that it doesn’t show. It’ll be great to be liberated from the staged smiles to the authentic spontaneous natural ones.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    Coming off a dry socket after wisdom tooth removal and some bad news. I need to smile more, I’m almost never in my selfies and people have pointed it out. Looking forward to trying this out!ReplyCancel

  • […] as I mentioned in the first post introducing this experiment, when I look back at the last 8 years of taking self-portraits especially the past few years of […]ReplyCancel


I know, Be Your Own Beloved is all about taking our own photo, right?

So why am I telling you to pass the camera to someone else?  Here’s why.  I want you to be in the visual story of your life, but it through taking your own photo or through saying to someone “Hey, will you snap this photo for me?”

Either way, you are the one saying that this moment is of value and that you want to have a moment to remember it.

I love starting off an in-person workshop by asking everyone to introduce themselves and share what their favourite photo of themselves is (be it a selfie or a photo someone else took…and at any point in their lives).  I love the way people light up when they answer this question!

Often our favourite photos end up being candid shots of us that someone took without us knowing.  We had such fun in the How to Rock a Selfie Photo Shoot class taking our own candid selfies (it can be done) but it also got me thinking about how sometimes we just need to say to the people in our lives “Hey, this is a special day for me. Could you be in charge of snapping few candid or posed shots of me throughout the day?”

It can feel vulnerable when someone else takes our photo though, right?

So one thing I recommend is to ask them to indeed take it on your own camera, not theirs.  That way you aren’t waiting for someone else to send you the photos, nor are you getting the ones they think are the best shots.  This way, you have the photos at hand and can choose which ones feel like the one’s you want to keep or share.  Of course we can be our own worst critic, but a big part of this Be Your Own Beloved journey is to reclaim our personal power in photos and well, we aren’t going to do that by not being in photos at all.

We can also say YES when someone offers to take a photo of us too! At Lucky Star Art Camp last weekend someone asked if they could take a photo of me with the gorgeous sign for my class and I said yes and it made me so happy to come home and see this one on my camera, that I wouldn’t have thought to take myself.

I’ve been trying to do this for friends too lately. Saying “Could I just see your phone for a second so I could snap this moment of you”.  Usually they say yes, but we all have a right to say no too, of course.  As we each get to decide if we want to be in a photo or not.  But it’s been bringing me joy to see that indeed they say yes! Sure I could capture it with my phone, but why not send it away with them to choose if they want to use it and process it the way they want.  To help them be more in the visual story of their lives but in a way that isn’t me snapping their photo for my purposes but capturing them with their consent and to leave the power in their hands.

I do often have people who come across me taking a selfie say “Do you want me to take that for you?” and usually I don’t….so I don’t necessarily mean taking over someone’s selfie moment, but instead seeking out a moment that you just notice that they look so blissed out holding that baby and just might like a photo, or you see the light pouring on them and just think they look so radiant today.  It can be a way that we can offer kindness to others and share what we think is lovely or special or beautiful about them!

So could you pass your camera to someone this weekend?

Or maybe a moment will arise where you ask someone else if you can capture a photo of them when they may not have thought to capture the moment?

We usually only use the hashtag #beyourownbeloved for selfies but if you do ask someone else to take your photo inspired by this and want to share it with the Be Your Own Beloved Community…don’t hesitate to use the hashtag to share it!

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I’m fat.

Sometimes I say chubby or curvy but today I’m going to say it. Fat.

There are so many assumptions that come with that word, or when people see fat bodies.

That you don’t take care of yourself.
That you don’t love yourself.
That you are ashamed.
That you are not healthy.

That fact doesn’t mean that I don’t love myself, that I don’t take care of my body or that I am not worthy.

You see, I’m slowly learning how to not be ashamed of it.

I’ve spent 15 years of my life bullying myself in the mirror and I’m done. I’m not playing that game anymore.

I sure that isn’t the only time lately that you’ve heard a big woman state that her worth as a person should not be judged by the size of her body.

It seems like this week we are not contented to stay silent.

Because it is my body, one that I feel blessed to get to adventure this world in.

And I believe that each and every one of our bodies is beautiful.

In the exact size it is at this moment.

I know it is not easy to try to walk the world feeling totally empowered in the body you are in at this moment.

Sometimes that mission gets derailed though, without intention (or sometimes with) by others’ words.

Barely a day goes by when I don’t hear or read someone make a comment about their own or someone else’s body size in a derogatory way.

“My back fat is so disgusting. No one likes back fat”
“No one should be wearing jeans that give you a muffin top”

These were two that I heard this week alone.

I wanted to write about body shaming and fat positivity this week because October is Anti-Bullying month and Fat Shaming of others and ourselves, well… it too is bullying.

But I think the worst bully is the one closest to home. The one in the mirror.
Luckily, that is also the one that we can change.


Shall we start with Ourselves?

Truth be told, many of us would never even think of bullying someone else, but then we look in the mirror and speak incredibly negative words to ourselves.

So many of us have been trained to bully ourselves and think that it is okay.

It’s time, and it is possible to unlearn this self-bullying behavior.

Here a few more unconventional ways that have been helpful to me:

• Find beauty mentors. Now, by this I don’t mean find people who you want to become or emulate. What I do mean is to find people online or in images that share similarities with you in the ways that you want to heal. For me it might be body size, but for others it might be something quite different. Seeing someone else as beautiful who looks like you helps us mirror it back onto ourselves.

Take Photos of Yourself! This has been the biggest tool for me. Whether you get someone to take photos of you that help you see yourself with kindness. Take control of your self-image by taking charge of the camera (and if you aren’t sure how to start going about that, join me for a session of Be Your Own Beloved).  Or hire a photographer who’s work you love to help you see your unique self mirrored back at you.

• Don’t go it alone. You aren’t alone. Connect with friends and talk about body positivity.

This self-bullying can spread like wildfire too. I think often we unintentionally are spreading a web of negative reinforcement (aka fat shaming) to those around us who may be trying their darnedest to build up positive body image by speaking derogatory things about our bodies or the bodies of others. One way we can not only help ourselves, but help others is to check ourselves and the way we speak about the bodies of others.

I’m just a woman healing, like you, so I don’t have all the answers either.

But I do know if I do look back at this time and regret being the size I am, it will be minimal compared to the regret I would have if I don’t start loving myself.

Here and now.

Let’s stop bullying ourselves. Today. Now.

Let’s cultivate body love,



Originally posted at Kind Over Matter.

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  • Rose

    Thank you, Thank you!! Your words resonate with me, I have struggled with my own negative talk for so long and I’m trying to change and not view myself so harshly. Your words are empowering.ReplyCancel

  • Alison M

    Thank you… Yes, I have been catching myself, stunning myself with how harshly I speak to myself lately. (Back teaching at junior high and that environment seems to foster it!) Lately, I have been talking back. Or laughing at the mean voice. And saying “You would never talk to anyone else like that, why do you talk to yourself that way?!” Sometimes out loud. Yes, we may feel that voices of judgement are coming from the people around us, but maybe sometimes we should check in and see if they are really thinking those mean thoughts. Or if it is all pressure we are putting on ourselves.
    And yes to also not making comments about others’ appearances. Especially women – on tv, in the media. I have a teenaged daughter and you know she gets it from a lot of other places. I don’t want her to hear any of that from ME!
    Thank you, Vivienne. I’m going to go sign up for BYOB today. The world needs more self-love. ;-)ReplyCancel

  • TJ

    This was incredably timely for me today. I needed to downsize my Dropbox due to a promotion ending (I will miss my free 48G)
    and I was shocked how difficult it was to see LOTS of full body pics of myself. I thought I had given up on all that negative self talk eons ago ??? Guess your never fully recovered ! Thanks for the positive reminder.ReplyCancel

  • Honestly, having a daughter was my biggest wake up call to my own negative self-talk and body shaming. I do not want to pass any of it on to her. I want her to see herself as divinely perfect and beautiful no matter what size she is.

    But it’s been a hard road and I’m still walking it.

    Be Your Own Beloved has been one of the most powerful reframing experiences on this journey.

    Thank you so much Vivienne for doing what you do in the world and for speaking up on this hugely important subject.

    Here’s to body love for us all and especially for the generations to come. May we do the work that makes it easier for them to know their beauty and value from the day they are born. Can you imagine how different the world would be?ReplyCancel

  • Your best yet. Thank you, thank you, thank you.ReplyCancel

  • […] It’s time to stop bullying yourself. […]ReplyCancel

  • I have been getting your news letter/email from quite sometime. I have taken other SP classes in the past. In fact I will be blogging about when I first began to turn the camera on me today at some point. But it seems it takes constant practice. So I may…I just may consider taking a session of some sort so I can stand side by side with you. Thinking on it. Much love. Keep doing what you do, it’s a good thing. Love TracieReplyCancel

  • […] Vivienne McMaster gets real on the topic of self-love and body issues in her post here. […]ReplyCancel

  • You are so right – we bully ourselves the most and worst! What a sad way to live with ourselves when we wouldn’t take it from someone else. Thank you for the “talk” about not bullying ourselves.ReplyCancel

  • Oh this is something I have been doing to myself for a couple of years now but I’m fighting back… funnily enough I don’t tend to judge others as harshly as I do myself & i would imagine that the same goes for most of us.

    Thanks for calling us on it!ReplyCancel

  • I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your Be Your Own Beloved workshop! As a recently fat person (quit smoking!) I feel myself moving about the world differently, and sadly, have been shockingly unhappy with my exterior. Your workshop helped me see the good parts (and they all are!) even though some flap & flop a bit more – they are exquisitely mine to honor. Your workshop offered no oogly-googlies, and no X-ray lenses…just good, solid information, and a gentleness with permission to be All That. And that lasts much longer than sugar-coating. Thank you for taking your own dare to accept yourself, so that you can teach us.ReplyCancel

  • […] of my body or that I am not worthy. You see, I’m slowly learning how to not be ashamed of it. I’ve spent 15 years of my life bullying myself in the mirror and I’m done. I’m not playing that game […]ReplyCancel


Shouldn’t we focus more on our soul than our bodies?

Shouldn’t we be celebrating our inner beauty?

Aren’t we more than just our bodies?

Isn’t it more important to be a good person inside than to celebrate our outer body/beauty?

These are questions or comments I get every once in a while on a photo or blog post, that focusing so much on our bodies doesn’t seem right (to them) and shouldn’t we focus more on the amazing spirit inside that body?

The answer I have is Yes. And No.

Yes inner beauty and our spiritual path (as in exploring our relationship to that which is beyond ourselves) are so vital.  Yet I don’t see them as disconnected from the path of learning to love our bodies. 

The journey to finding self-love for me and to being my own beloved has been both an internal and external one. Of befriending myself, filling up my own well, sitting with my loneliness, untangling stories of self-hate.  It has indeed been about finding my own inner beauty. It has about becoming a person who is in tune with kindness as a core value both towards myself and others.

Yet these things are happening within a body. About a body.  To disconnect the self-love journey from my body is to discount a whole deep well of potential healing.

Here is the truth I see around me and with so many folks who have come to join me for Be Your Own Beloved.  They tell me that they’ve been on a self-love path for a long time but had been avoiding with dealing with that remaining piece of self-hate that hand been lurking in the shadows or in the way they saw themselves in photos.  We are looking everywhere else for peace within without thinking of the possibility that external body-love could help us.

Because it’s supposed to be egocentric or vain to want to love our external body, right?

Learning to love your body isn’t vain or egocentric, especially when so many of us are coming from the opposite of ego.

You have the right to choose to love yourself. 

Our internal and external selves are connected and if we love our personality, our drive, our mind, but still hate our bodies, we are living in hate. If we are focusing so much on our inner selves but still have hate towards our outer selves, that is yet another spiritual door awaiting us.

While the process of taking selfies is indeed about how we relate to our body in a photo, the photo is the tool for us to learn to love our bodies in our everyday lives too.  It isn’t just about getting a new Facebook photo (though that is always a plus).  It is about using the camera as a doorway to a more peaceful, compassionate relationship to ourselves and our self-image.

Which includes how we see our bodies from the outside be it a sideways glance in a store window and the reaction we have about seeing ourselves, or how we see our bodies each morning when we look in the mirror. Or, of course, how we see ourselves in a photo. Our relationship to self-image is a place where many of us have the potential to shift our relationship from a place of critique to kindness.

It often feels that using selfies as a tool for healing our body image isn’t as much about the photo we get itself as the journey we go on to get it and the way we choose to relate to the photo itself.  It has felt like a deeply spiritual journey, far more connected to purpose than vanity.  

But to me it is inherently related to our bodies.

To say we aren’t our bodies or we want to focus on our inner beauty leaves our body shame waiting for us, still hanging out waiting to be heard.

So to answer those questions of inner vs external beauty I wonder if we could reframe it:

What if our bodies and that our inner beauty can be strengthened by healing our relationship with our outer beauty.  We have this deep & rich potential place of self-learning that feels deeply spiritual, with our body as our guide.

What if re-learning to love your external body when you have lived in a place of self-critique or dare I say self-hate could be a doorway to deep love, the same kind you might be looking for in meditation or as you create your altars.

What if we do indeed focus on exploring our inner beauty but stay open to seeing it as not disconnected or more important than the potential for compassionate and unconditional love for the body you are in.

I know it’s a scary process for a lot of us to step into.  But what if selfies could be that unexpected tool that brings you to a greater place of peace with our self both internally & externally?

I know this isn’t the standard perception of what ‘selfie’ is but I know when we’ve tried everything else on our path of healing, sometimes we need to seek out tools in unexpected places.  And if you aren’t sure where to begin on that path, you might want to come join me for the November Session of Be Your Own Beloved and I’ll help you take those first steps to heal that rift between your inner relationship to self & your external perceptions of your body.


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  • Yes! Absolutely! Seeing ourselves with kindness and being our own beloved is a spiritual path – and not an easy one, LOL.

    I went on retreat this summer and gave a presentation about using selfies as a spiritual practice. Of course, you were my inspiration to begin to see self-portraiture this way. The talk was so well-received and I delighted in seeing so many selfies that were taken that week.

    You are doing important work, Vivienne. I am grateful.

  • Love this response. So much of my healing and self-love journey began with changing how I saw myself when I looked in the mirror and correcting the negative thoughts with positive ones when seeing a picture of myself.

    It would be impossible to love myself fully without seeing my body as beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • […] if selfies could be that unexpected tool that brings you to a greater place of peace with our self both […]ReplyCancel